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Getting your Naturopathic Continuing Education completed online has never been easier.  Why go through the trouble of travel and expense when you can buy and complete Naturopathic CEU courses from the comfort of your own home?  Shop from a variety of online courses by visiting the Naturopathic CEU page, and view popular CE course packages for discounted prices. Our courses are mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly, so you can finish your naturopathic CEU requirements on the go, and at your own pace. 

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Our CE Process

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Our Naturopathic CEU Online Courses are available to you immediately after you purchase a course, so you can begin right away. All of our courses are “Finish At Your Own Pace”, so if you can’t complete the material right away, you can always come back to it later.  New courses are offered monthly to provide engaging and exciting material for Naturopathic Doctors to complete their CE requirements.

Finish The Quiz

Taking your quiz will be a simple and straight forward process.  You will only be quizzed on the material, no questions designed to trick you!  The quizzes are multiple choice and range from 10-15 questions long.  You will have unlimited attempts to obtain a passing score on the quiz.

Receive Your Instant Certificate

Once you pass the quiz, your certificate of completion will be available to you immediately in your account so you can print it, or save it as a PDF file for your records.  We recommend all Naturopathic Doctors retain copies of their certificates for a minimum of 5 years from the completion date, or longer depending on your licensing board requirements.

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What Naturopathic Doctors have to say about our online courses.

Zach, ND

"Excellent topics to choose from. I enjoyed the Herbal Safety course,"

Jennifer, ND

"The process was simple, it has been a breeze to get my naturopath continuing ed completed. Thank you!"

Jennifer, ND Online Course Review

Lora, ND

"Customer service is wonderful & I liked all of my classes,"