Connecticut Naturopathic Continuing Education – 15 CE Course Package


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Courses Included:
Congestive Heart Failure Awareness – 7, General
In this naturopathic CE course we review crucial topics surrounding the condition of CHF such as causes, cardiomyopathy, symptoms, stages of CHF, possible treatments, the difference between heart attacks and CHF, and more.
The Influence of Diet on Human Behavior – 4, General
This course will help the naturopathic provider understand current nutrition strategies to manage mood and behavior, along with a review of how and why foods impact behavior.
Crohn’s Disease Exposed: A Guide for Healthcare Providers – 3, General
The purpose of this course is to help naturopathic doctors discover the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this disease, and review the complications associated with Crohn’s disease. Learn more about the Crohn’s Disease Activity Index (CDAI), how the disease presents itself in children, history of Crohn’s, and much more.
Understanding Human Trafficking – 1, Ethics
Learn more about the global human rights infringement that is human trafficking. In this pertinent naturopathic CE courses, the provider will learn how to identify potential human trafficking victims, and how to report cases to the correct authorities.

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