District of Columbia Naturopathic Continuing Education – 30 CE Course Package

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Understanding Pharmacogenetics –  13
This naturopathic continuing education course discusses an increasingly popular area of medicine, pharmacogenetics.  We will investigate the genetic differences inherited in the metabolic pathways of drugs, which may influence individual drug responses, both in terms of therapeutic effect and adverse effects.
Breast Cancer Awareness – 8
The objective of the Breast Cancer Awareness course is for the Naturopathic Doctor to be able to identify the risk factors, presentation, treatment, symptoms, of breast cancer and how knowing this information is applicable in the health care setting. The purpose of this course is to provide the Naturopathic Provider a well-rounded knowledge of breast cancer.  This Naturopathy CE course is for 8 credits.
Degenerative Disc Disease – 3
This naturopathy CE course reviews the fundamental anatomical structures of the spine and intervertebral discs in order to identify the pathophysiology of degenerative disc disease and its effects on the individual. The purpose of this course is to improve the naturopathic doctor’s understanding of the pathophysiology of degenerative disc disease and all the treatment options currently available.
Drugs with Severe Side Effects – 2
To navigate the complex world of healthcare, naturopathic doctors must be aware of common prescription and over the counter medications, along with their potential adverse effects.  In this naturopathy CE course, we discuss some of the pharmacology behind common prescription & OTC drugs in the market place, learn about interactions they may have with other drugs, identify risks for abuse, and under what circumstances these medications are typically prescribed.
Herbal Safety Course A – 2
As a naturopathic doctor, your knowledge of herbal remedies that can cure or cause harm is vital!  In this naturopathy CE course, learn about common herbal supplements, medication/food interactions, and how to avoid complications between the two.  Additionally, we dig behind the research to find out when herbal supplements are considered effective and safe, and when they are not.  We also review how the supplement industry was able to avoid the scrutinization of the FDA, under the DSHEA Act.  For 2 Naturopathic Credits for CE, learn important safety tips to help educate your patients on the pros and cons of herbal supplements in the market place today.
 Herbal Safety Course B – 2
A continuation of the popular Herbal Safety Course A.  For 2 Naturopathic Credits for CE, learn about the adverse effects of Chinese herbs, their toxicity, including the management & storage of these herbs.  Complications of these herbs with other foods and drugs are also discussed, including specific contraindications.  An excellent Naturopathy CE course for Naturopathic Doctors who currently use herbs in their practice.

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