The Rotator Cuff Key Topics Course 17 Naturopathic CEU

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Course Description
This Naturopathy CE course discusses the fundamentals in understanding the complex anatomical unit of the human body, called the rotator cuff. We review the anatomical features of the rotator cuff, functions, and biomechanics. Other sections of this course review the examination of the rotator cuff, and include an explanation of the various tests performed to evaluate its function and performance. Different types of imaging technologies such as radiography, MRI, and ultrasonography are also discussed as mediums to view this region of the body. Additionally, different treatment options for rotator cuff injuries are evaluated, such as conservative treatments compared to a surgical approach.  Naturopathic Doctors will gain an understanding as to what each treatment approach entails. Lastly, the course discusses rotator cuff arthropathy and glenohumeral arthritis, shoulder arthroplasty, and sports as they relate to the rotator cuff.
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Course ID: CA-141776 – General