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Bastyr University Naturopathic Doctor

To practice naturopathic medicine is to understand the art of natural healing and strengthening the body’s defenses. It is believed that health is more than just the absence of disease; it is to live with energy and vitality.  Many individuals are looking for ways to live more naturally, eat healthier, and alleviate or cure their health conditions without the use of harmful medications, which is why naturopathic medicine is gaining popularity.  Naturopathy will potentially add 24,000 new jobs this year and that number is expected to continually grow. 
If you have a passion for natural, self-healing, and nutrition-centric approaches to disease prevention and treatment, enrolling in a naturopathic college might be a great fit for you. After earning your bachelor’s degree, you will need to choose an accredited naturopathic medical school for at least four years to be properly trained and eligible for licensure in those states that require it.
In no special order, we have compiled a list of the best Naturopathic schools where you can gain an education in Naturopathic Medicine. These schools are accredited by the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC). You can check them out by visiting

#1 University of Bridgeport

University of Bridgeport Naturopathic Doctor

Phone number: (203) 576-4552

Bridgeport, CT

The University of Bridgeport, located in Connecticut, offers a four-year study program. During your time here, you will be learning and practicing natural therapies. Under supervision of experienced naturopathic physicians, you will be applying them to patient care. They offer a wide range of courses such as botanical medicine, immunology, environmental medicine, mind-body medicine, and homeopathy.
The University of Bridgeport is accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) and the Connecticut Office of Higher Education. Students can be expected to learn how to educate and empower patients to take responsibility for their health, by focusing on prevention, optimal health and wellness, diet, and lifestyle. Located on the campus, students will be able to complete clinical hours at The Naturopathic Medical Clinic. During your third and fourth year in the program, you will complete over 1,300 hours in the clinic. To share information on naturopathic medicine, students may also participate in community services such as sporting events, health fairs and farmers markets during their time in the clinic.
Interested in a residency program?
University of Bridgeport offers a post-doctoral residency which is also accredited by the Council for Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). You can expect to perform clinical supervision and patient care along with academic and clinical assignments. Another amazing thing about the University of Bridgeport – they serve the community by helping populations in need. At no cost to patients, students can provide help in these clinics to gain experience. For more information on this school, visit the link above or call today.

#2 Bastyr University

Bastyr University Naturopathic Doctor

Phone number: (425) 602-3000

Kenmore, WA

Phone number: (858) 246-9700

San Diego, California

Bastyr University offers two equally amazing locations to students interested in pursuing a career in Naturopathic Medicine. Students have the opportunity to be immersed in a clinical setting, along with  classroom experience.  Students will be averaging close to 600-1,200 patient contacts during clinical training hours at both campuses. Both campuses offer great courses such as Naturopathic theory and practice, fundamentals of behavioral medicine, naturopathic clinical diagnosis, and healing systems. For the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program tuition, you can expect to pay around $42,732 for the first three credits. Another great thing about Bastyr University is their study abroad opportunities. Students will travel to Germany on a two to three-week trip to learn about the roots of naturopathic medicine in its birth country.
The first campus is located among fields on the northeast shore of Lake Washington. Beginning as a Catholic Seminary, Bastyr University opened its doors in 1996. For full time students, this is a four-year program. Washington campus offers clinical hours at Bastyr Center for Natural Health which is located in Seattle. Located in Washington, there is a residency program at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health along with several other affiliate residency programs. You will have to work hard, as these programs are highly competitive and offered to graduates from other universities as well.
California’s campus has an on-site clinic called Bastyr University Clinic. This campus is located near coastal wild lands and a world-class city. This area regularly hosts hundreds of new research companies and students can find support in alumni who love to promote, fundraise and collaborate with the University in support of Naturopathic Medicine. You can expect many laboratories on campus, including the botanical medicine laboratory. If you are interested in either of these amazing campuses, please visit the link or call the number provided above!

#3 National University of Natural Medicine

Phone Number: (503) 552-1660

Portland, Oregon

National University of Natural Medicine (NUMN) is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical university in North America. Established in 1956, NUMN offers an amazing research community along with a motivating learning environment. It is one of the most respected universities of natural medicine in the world and accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. They offer a wide range of courses such as naturopathic history and philosophy, therapeutic modalities, neurology, gastroenterology and proctology, and rheumatology and clinical immunology. NUMN also has competitive residency programs locally and through the US. This university also offers work-study positions at NUMN’s Helfgott Research Institute for students in any graduate degree program. Estimated first year tuition costs are around $37,773 at the National University of Natural Medicine. For more information, you can call the number provided or visit the link above!

#4 Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Phone number: (480) 858-9100

Tempe, Arizona

At the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), you can earn your degree in Naturopathic Medicine in four or five years. Offering knowledge in acupuncture, pharmacology, advanced modern techniques, you will become an expert in therapies to treat, health and inspire patients. Students can elect to shadow physicians at an off-site program in their third year of study. The program begins with early clinical experiences along with basic sciences and the final two years are focused clinically on giving you the opportunity to work with various populations. If you are interested in learning more about this college, visit the link above or call the number provided.

#5 National University of Health Sciences

National University of Health Sciences

Phone number: 1-800-826-6285

Lombard, IL

This naturopathic program may be completed in around 3 years and four months. This is offered in a 2 Phase program which consist of Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Clinical Practice. Students are taught how to properly diagnose and treat each patient based on an evaluation of their unique health history. Students are also trained on how to think like a physician. Since 2012, the National University’s Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program has been accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education. Students will complete courses such as human biochemistry, homeopathy, systems pathology, nutritional biochemistry, and neurophysiology. This university offers a hydrotherapy suite, herbal dispensaries, and the NUHS Botanical Garden. There is also a gross anatomy laboratory which has over 40 human cadavers to give you a more hands on learning experience. Located only 15 miles from the city of Chicago, it’s no wonder why students come from across the country and internationally to attend this university. If you are interested in this university, call the number above or visit the link provided for you!

#6 Boucher Institute

Phone number: 604-777-9981

New Westminster, British Columbia

This full-time four-year program includes 4,800 hours in the classroom and 1,200 hours of hands-on training at the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic. At Boucher Institute, you can expect courses such as botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, nutrition, physical medicine, psychology, counseling, and traditional Asian medicine. In addition to classwork, students may be interested in the Research Education Program which helps students learn the fundamentals of good research practices. Students will also have clinical hours in traditional Asian medicine so that graduates can also practice acupuncture upon completion of this program. If you are interested in checking out this institute and would also like to practice acupuncture upon graduation, visit the link provided above or call today!

#7 Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Doctors

Phone number: (416) 498-1255

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) is the leading naturopathic medicine education provider in Canada. They offer a four-year, full time program. This school also offers clinical teaching at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. Approximately 25,000 patients visit the RSNC each year. This degree program provides more than 3,000 hours of classroom training and 1,200 hours of clinical experience. It offers courses such as history, philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine; art and practice of naturopathic medicine; foundations of naturopathic medicine; biomedical sciences; clinical nutrition; lifestyle management; herbal medicine; homeopathy; traditional Asian medicine and acupuncture. Along with their amazing clinic, CCMN is very involved with researching, another opportunity available to students seeking to expand their knowledge in this arena. They have collaborated with many reputable research institutions such as The Hospital for Sick Children, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Dalhousie University. Annual Tuition Fees are around $23,500 CDN. If you think this school might be for you, visit the link above or call the number provided today.