Alberta Canada Naturopathic Continuing Education

Your Requirements

CNDA Competence Cycle begins on January 1st of Odd # Years, and ends on December 31st of an Even # Year.
The College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA) mandates that Naturopathic Doctors complete 40 Continuing Competency Hours every 2 years.
Naturopaths must maintain CPR (HCP & AED) every 2 years
A Medical Emergency refresher course every 4 years, should their practice permit require it.

Online Courses & Distance Learning Allowed

Members of the CNDA use a self-directed program to identify their learning needs and may choose activities appropriate and related in meeting these objectives.
All Continuing Competency Hours may be completed Online. 

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The Canadian province of Alberta oversees several health professions, Naturopathic doctors being one of them.
Naturopathic healthcare providers are granted the privilege of self-regulation, as stated in the Health Professions Act (HPA).

Continuing competence program credits may be obtained through
the following continuing competence activities in accordance with the rules referred to in section 20:

(a) attendance at courses or seminars related to naturopathic
medicine that are designed to enhance the professional development of regulated members;

(b) presentation of a continuing competence activity to a group of regulated members;

(c) attendance at sessions sponsored or approved by the Council concerning functions of the College, including Section 20 AR 126/2012
NATUROPATHS PROFESSION REGULATION 12 professional development, code of ethics and standards of practice;

(d) providing mentoring or supervision to students of naturopathic medicine education programs approved by the Council;

(e) participation as a member of the Council or a committee established by the Council;

(f) presentation of a research paper or abstract at a meeting approved by the Council;

(g) publication of a research paper in a peer-refereed journal;

(h) self-directed study approved by the Council;

(i) other activities approved by the Council.