Vermont Naturopathic Continuing Education

Vermont Naturopathic Continuing Education

Your Requirements

 30 Continuing Education Hours during the 2 year renewal period.
10 hours biennially in the pharmacology of legend.

Online Courses & Distance Learning Allowed

30 Continuing Education Hours may be completed Online. 

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About the Board

Naturopathic physicians in the state of Vermont are governed by the “advisor” model of regulation, created by the legislature. Two licensed members of the profession are appointed by the secretary of state to advise the director of the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) on matters relating to the profession. Their mission is public protection. The director and the advisors carry out this mission by: ensuring that applicants are qualified for licensure; setting standards for the profession by proposing statutes and adopting administrative rules; and, with the assistance of OPR staff, investigating complaints of unprofessional conduct, taking disciplinary action against a licensee when necessary to protect the public. 



(a) As a condition of license renewal, naturopathic physicians must complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education during the two-year renewal period and must so certify at the time of license renewal.
The continuing education requirement does not apply for the renewal period during which a naturopathic physician initially obtained licensure. It will begin with the first full two-year renewal period.
Licensees who complete more than the required 30 hours of continuing education may carry-over a total of 10 (ten) hours of continuing education from the preceding licensure renewal period.
Licensees seeking the special license endorsement for prescription medications (d) may apply credits from the Medical Pharmacology course, or a substantially equivalent course approved by the Director,
(a) for two (2) renewal cycles.
(b) A continuing education program means classes, institutes, lectures, conferences, workshops, naturopathic journals, scientific journals, audio, video, or online presentations, and preceptorships. A program shall consist of study covering new, review, experimental, research and specialty subjects within the scope of practice of naturopathic medicine. Excluded are programs that promote a company, individual, or product and programs on practice economics. However, courses specifically dealing with medical workers compensation or medical record keeping in the context of practice economics are acceptable.
(c) A physician-level continuing medical education course is acceptable as a continuing education program. A course is considered physician-level if presented by a physician or other medical professional to a predominantly physician audience. Once a continuing education provider is approved by the Director, the continuing education activity sponsored by that provider is approved for credit and no application to the Director must be made for approval.
(d) Licensees possessing the special license endorsement for prescription medications must complete 10 hours biennially in the pharmacology of legend drugs.
(e) Licensees possessing a special license endorsement to practice naturopathic childbirth must complete 15 hours biennially in naturopathic childbirth. A course in neonatal resuscitation may count toward these 15 hours. Ten of the 15 hours may be applied to general requirements for continuing education.
(f) At the time of license renewal, each licensee must certify on the official renewal form that he or she has complied with the continuing education requirements.

License Renewal 

The Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) has made significant improvements to the online licensing system to provide better service to you, with greater ease in managing your account.

Renewal fee of $200 


For more information please contact the Vermont Naturopathic Board

Updated 10/8/2018