Saskatchewan Naturopathic Continuing Education

Saskatchewan Canada Naturopathic Continuing Education

Saskatchewan Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (SANP) CE Requirements

The SANP requires its registrants to complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education over each 2-year CE period, including 2 hours for each certification area. This requirement can be fulfilled by having all the 40 hours drawn from a combination of categories A, B, C, D and E. An additional 10 hours from category F are required for those registrants who hold certification in Prescriptive Authority.

A maximum of 10 credits will be allowed for any seminar presenting on any one topic.

Your Requirements

Category A
Regulatory Participation
A required minimum of 5 hours
2. CAND AGM or AGM of any other provincial ND college or association
3. Maximum five (5) hours of CE will be given to Board members (SANP,CAND) per year
4. Five (5) hours will be given to Chairs of Committees of the Council per year 5. Three (3) hours given to people in Committees (per Committee) per year

Category B
Core Naturopathic Education

A required minimum of 15 hours from any educational seminar offered by any recognized naturopathic organization such as the SANP, BCNA, CNPBC, CAND, NWA, ONA, AANP, NWNCM, and other official provincial, college or state associations Balance of required hours:

After meeting the minimum hour requirements in the Categories A and B above, registrants may receive CE credits for the remaining 20 required CE hours from any of the categories (A, B, C, D, OR E) that they choose as appropriate for their personal professional development needs.

Category E credits must be submitted by those registrants with certification designations.

Category C
Additional Clinical Education

Seminars sponsored by any other medical and professional organizations such as chiropractic, medical, nursing, psychology, acupuncture, etc.

Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical company sponsored educational seminars

Teleconference, web-conference, video and audio recordings of seminars, computer-based learning programs and all other distant-learning programs

** NDs must provide proof of completion that includes: title of seminar taken, name and qualifications of presenter, date seminar was taken, CE hours obtained.

Category D
Mentoring and Business Development Activities

Hours are given on the basis of one hour for each 2 hours of activity. Preceptorships will be awarded 2 hours per day of preceptoring.

• Teaching: Naturopathic doctors offering courses or workshops to either the public or professionals

• Preceptors or Preceptorships: This represents taking on a preceptor student or preceptoring with another health professional

• Personal and Business Development courses related to business, office management, accounting, financial management, communication skills, leadership development, public speaking and related topics

** Please provide proof of preceptoring that includes: name and signature of preceptor, date and hours of preceptorship, CE hours obtained.

Category E
Additional Certifications

For those registrants with certification designations, an additional 2 hours of CE is required for each certification area every 2 years.

These can be counted towards the 40 total hours needed. These certification designations currently include:
IV therapy (which in the future may include: acupuncture, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, prololotherapy, hyperthermia, etc.)
Learning methods include courses, seminars, workshops, any distance learning methodology and self-study provided appropriate documentation is provided for all hours.

Category F
 Prescriptive Authority Certification

10 hours every 2 years
Registrants who are certified in prescribing authority are required to obtain 10 additional hours per 2 year CE period over and above the 40 hours required by all registrants. Registrants who take the pharmacy training and obtain certification are not required these 10 hours until the next 2 year CE period. These pharmacy training hours may not be used towards the 40 hours needed by all registrants. Registrants taking the 10 hours in a single pharmacy topic (eg. Bio-identical Hormones) may only use that category once and need to take other topics in the future. It is permissible to take the same topic again if it is part of a multi-topic pharmacy review.

Online Courses & Distance Learning Allowed

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